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Low Dose Anavar Only Results

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Results and Conclusions


30 mg for first 3 weeks, followed by 40mg for 4 more weeks

After cycle:

75.3kg so that’s 3 kg ish increase from start so about 6.5 pounds weight gain

After PCT

74ish kg but put on fat from appetite rebounding so probably 1.5kg lean gain.

Fat Loss

It absolutely killed my VAT, I could ab vacuum till my rib cage popped out like a concentration camp inmate! So the purported body fat effects I definitely witnessed. Didn’t help with the subq abdominal fat much however. I could of been more anal about my diet, perhaps would of cut me up more.

Weight Gain

This could be masked by the creatine water weight, but I had an initial spike then a gradual increase, I’m sure if I took a higher dose then I would of had more gains.


This is what I really witnessed from this compound. I could lift then on calorie deficit what I can lift now fully carb loaded (I am currently carb cycling off AAS).

Pumps and Vascularity

Crazy pumps but painful shin pumps when running. Towards the end of cycle I could get a pump just by clenching and relaxing my fist 20 times or so, which was highly amusing.

I got a great vein pop on my left bicep, which has remained to this day. On cycle my forearms where very vascular after an arm workout. I’m sure I would have noticed more if my bf was lower.


I had oily skin, especially my nose, which was a pain. Spots on my shoulders and chest but not acne by any stretch.

I felt really lethargic towards the end and not motivated to go to the gym so had to force myself. Some days I even struggled to get out of bed.

As soon as I came off I became ravanously hungry which didn’t help my bf goals, although surprisingly I put sub q fat on instead of the VAT returning which was good.

I had drop in libido towards the end of cycle which was to be expected. I started up Melanotan II during my PCT which completely masked any of these symptoms.

The Cycle Start

Hi guys, I’m currently 18 days in to a cycle of 30mg ed Anavar only and have seen some great results so far.


5′ 7″
Currently 77kg up from 72kg
Body fat around 11% <<<< – [I was being far too kind to myself was more 14-15%, damn calipers]
Been working out 3 years to different intensities.
No cycle history

I’ve been stacking the Anavar with 10g/ed Creatine Mono and taking the Var with grapefruit juice.

Plan on running Nolva 20mg ed for 2 – 4 weeks for PCT


Creatine Mono (As mentioned), Liv52, Omega 3, Glutamine, Multi Vits, Green Tea Extract, Trib & ZMA


5 days 3 x EC, 2 days 3 x YC


Appetite Loss, Insomnia (ZMA has helped), Greasy Nose (Witch Hazel fixes that) and have started to feel a little lethargic which could be first signs of mild suppression or just the intense workouts catching up with me. Labido is still good but could be thanks to the Trib.


Calorie deficit. Clean high protien, carb tappering towards end of day, complex carbs am, glucose post workout, whey protien pre and post workout. Pretty typical stuff. One cheat day a week. No alcholol.


Classic Push, Pull, Legs split in 6 – 8 rep range, 4x week. HIIT cardio 3 x week.


To maintain the muscle I have while getting more cut. I don’t really want to be any bigger than I currently am, just to look asthetically bigger by being leaner.

Results so far

Reduction in lower back fat! Also visceral fat seems to have noticably dropped as my ab vacuums demonstrate. My muscles seemed to have evened out a little, always have had issues with my inbalanced shoulder vs chest development and have noticed a move to a more balanced musculature. Hardening of muscles. Have more visable cuts. Pump and vascularity post work out is very good. Starting to see strength increases. Recovery improvements.

Conclusions so far

This low dose of anavar seems to be working really well for me, could be genetics as my father was always very muscular but he was working in heavy manual labour where I sit on my **** at a computer all day.


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